CSDS AFRICA urges government to increase the production of facemasks and sanitizers and freely distribute to Ghanaians

CSDS Africa calls on the Government of Ghana to increase the production of facemasks and sanitizers, and freely distribute the same to all and sundry in Ghana. The call follows President Akufo-Addo’s advice that Ghanaians wear facemasks in public in a bid to limit the spread of COVID 19.


CSDS Africa calls for free distribution of face masks

2. The center further urged the government to make the wearing of facemasks in public mandatory just as many countries around the globe have adopted.
3. Additionally, it suggested the imposition of stringent laws to increase safety compliance in markets, and hand washing at all trading and commercial places.
4. While endorsing public education, continuous enforcement, and mandatory compliance with existing laws, the center also asserts that the private sector should assist the Government’s efforts on the prevention and treatment of COVID 19.
6. In its quest to complement the government’s efforts, the CSDS Africa has also taken the initiative to produce and provide free face masks under the #FaceMaskForAll Campaign.

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