About CSDS Africa

The Center for Strategic and Defense Studies, Africa (CSDS Africa) is a leading security-focused organization based in Accra that partners with governments, local and multinational organizations to advance security, intelligence and defence sector reform, advance rule of law, cyber, maritime and border security governance in Africa. CSDS’s programming is oriented towards security, defence and development research, dialogue, advocacy and technical training which leads to enhanced local capacity to initiate national action plans, legal sector reform, national security strategy development, international policy tools, model guidelines, standards and best practice guides that enhance regional peace and security. CSDS Africa works with a wide range of respected academics, industry practitioners, traditional and community leaders to promote respect for international law and democratic norms.

What We Do

Advising Governments and Building Partner Institutions’ Capacity

CSDS Africa’s advisory efforts help partners address specific institutional constraints through fusion center, interagency and cross-agency security training.  A career in the upper ranks of the national security community requires effective interaction among many diverse stakeholders—military officers, senior government officials and diplomats, intelligence and national lawyers,  enforcement officers, political appointees, Parliament the media, leaders of industry and international organizations. For senior officials in security roles, success depends on the ability to understand and appreciate the roles of others in the broader environment in which policy is made. CSDS Africa programming provides the space for this to occur.

Training Security Professionals and Building Core Actor Capability

The Center’s traditional professional programs  provide sector specific knowledge and strengthen capabilities to confront complex security, development and defense issues. Participants are encouraged to engage in open learning, peer-to-peer learning, and to form lasting interagency networks.

Advancing International Law and the Field and Practice of Security Sector Governance (SSG)

CSDS Africa’s charter mandates it to advance the field and practice of Security Sector Governance (SSG) and international law in Africa. The Center therefore exist to promote among others understanding of international law and the practice of good SSG in Africa through open learning.

Publications & Projects

The Center produces monthly digests, regional assessments, security rankings, monographs, annual awards and related publications from our network of experts. The object of these publications is to encourage early action, engagement, and improved awareness of the security landscape, in areas such as:

  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Armed Conflict Law
  • Border Security
  • Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Security
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Counter Narcotics
  • Counter-Violent Extremism
  • Cyber Security
  • Defence and Civil-Military Relations
  • Electoral Security
  • Environmental Security
  • Intelligence Management
  • Maritime Security
  • Natural Resource Conflict
  • Nuclear Security and Safety
  • National Security & Intelligence Law
  • Peacekeeping, Diplomacy and Disarmament
  • Police Sector Reform
  • Public Health Security
  • Regional and International Security Cooperation
  • Security Sector Governance & Reform
  • Trade and Economic Security
  • Terrorism

Areas of Focus

Conflict, Peace, and Governance

CSDS conducts field research to understand national, regional and continental trends in conflict, politics, economics and development. Results inform local and international policy and strategy, and enable decision makers to test the implications of their policy choices well into the future.

Border, Cyber and Maritime Security

CSDS raises awareness about border, cyber and maritime security and its role in Africa’s economy, and works with ECOWAS, African Union, SGI to develop policy and strategy.

Defence, Peace Operations and Peace Building

CSDS works with governments and regional and international institutions to improve security, intelligence and defence policy, as well as peacekeeping and peacebuilding practice.

Public Health Security, CBRN Threats and Regional Trade

CSDS work with national governments, regional and international institutions to improve understanding and management of regional health security threats, bio-terrorism and CBRN risks.

Intelligence, Transnational Threats, and International Crime

CSDS partners with national governments, regional and international institutions, and civil society to respond effectively and appropriately to terrorism, organised crime, arms proliferation, crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

Statutory Law Review and Enforcement

CSDS partners to develop policies and strategies that improve the performance of the criminal justice system and mitigates violence.

CSDS Advisory Board

Ms. Esther Appiah (Ghana)
Vice-Admiral Matthew Quarshie (UK)
Dr. Ebenezer Appiah-Denkyira (Ghana)
Mr. Choolun Bhojoo (Mauritius)
Ms. Filomena Maria Lopez (Guinea-Bissau)
Prof. Stephen Offei (Ghana)
Mr. Nicole Kerry Fanchatte (Seychelles)
Mr. Patrick Lumumba Adera (Kenya)
Brig. Gen. Abdullah Ahmed (Nigeria)
Lt. Col. Maravan Mohammed (Egypt)
ACP Patience Quaye (Ghana)
Mr. Ravi Darayanani (Ghana)
Mr. Foster Dogbe (USA)
Mr Emmanuel Sowatey (Ghana)
Mr. Alphonso Samukai (Liberia)
Gen. Patrick Lumumba Adera (Kenya)