Funding, capacity building driving cyber security initiatives

Chief Legal Advisor to the National Security Secretariat and Coordinator of the Security Governance Initiative (SGI), Osei Bonsu Dickson, has disclosed that previous challenges of financial and human capacity constraints are now a thing of the past, with sustained funding support paving the way for an aggressive cyber-based initiatives.

“In the past, most public prosecutors, defence lawyers and even judges lacked the capacity to adequately prosecute cybercrime whilst inefficient processes in validating identification documents contribute to high incidence of identity theft or what I call cyber-galamsey

But with dedicated funding for cyber security in the 2020 budget, we have moved from a period of less dedication to progressive funding and also improved capacity building,” he noted.

He was speaking at the 3rd Civil Society Cyber Security workshop organized by the Africa Cybersecurity and Digital Rights Organisation (ACDRO), in Accra on the theme: “Making Our National Cyber Security Policy and Strategy Citizen-Centric”.

The one-day event convened CSOs across the country to learn about the present draft national cyber security policy document and to contribute to the future ultimate document.

According to him, the quest to build a healthier and resilient cyber space needs a coordinated approach from both public and private sector players such as civil society organizations.

Mr. Dickson said: “We must ponder the role of CSOs in cyberspace; we must ask how best CSOs can contribute in coalition building global, regional and national capacity.”

He continued: “Accra remains the political Mecca of Africa, and so in the sphere of digital rights, cyber law and cyber norms, Ghanaian civil society organizations can offer a directional role in norms development, implementation, and enforcement.”

Source: Business24

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